March 2019

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Foreword from Yudita Markovich, BDM

At the start of the year, we look to refresh our relationships with clients. We make appointments to meet new on-site contacts and team members, with the goal of finding new career opportunities for candidates. When a client gives us a new department to work with, we are able to open up new career pathways for people. It means so much to us!

WBENC Summit & Salute 2019

Mar 11-13 | Houston, Texas

Each year, the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC) organizes a Summit & Salute event to bring supplier diversity professionals, buyers, and women businesses owners together for meaningful conversations on strategic business growth for WBEs. As a WBENC-certified business, we are grateful to WBENC for giving us an opportunity to build relationships with prospective customers and create more employment opportunities for candidates.

If you are a veteran, or know someone who is, you may be interested in knowing that we are looking to prepare and support veteran talent for rewarding and sustainable career opportunities. Our program for veterans supports recruiting diverse talent for a variety of positions, including, but not limited to: Administrative, Business Professional, Clinical, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, IT, Sales, and Scientific.

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If you want to learn more about our referral programs, please speak with your Rangam Cares representative.

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Rangam Cares Program

Rangam’s consultants are encouraged to stay connected and are empowered to be heard! As part of the Rangam Cares program, we organize and attend various meet-and-greet events through which Account Managers and consultants get to know each other better in a professional environment.

Interview Tips

  • Sometimes, the role matters more than the “bigger picture”. So, focus on selling your skills for specific tasks.
  • Be prepared for an immediate start .

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