January 2016

Following a year of robust growth as a staffing supplier to the life sciences/pharmaceutical industry, Rangam earned the 2016 Supplier of the Year award at the 9th Annual Diversity Alliance for Science Conference in Newark, NJ. Click here for more information.

Banking Beats

With dollar rates hitting a four-month low amid plummeting stock prices, the banking sector is likely to trim labor spending in the next few months. This is when the try-before-you-buy approach of temporary staffing can help many banks and financial institutions quickly regain business momentum with qualified personnel on board.

We are pleased to announce that we have a new Pennsylvania-based client from the financial services industry. Not only are we eager to serve them on a priority basis, but to also grow our presence in this sector.


Taking one small step at a time, The Spectrum Careers is moving forward!

The Spectrum Careers was launched last year to give employable adults on the autism spectrum a chance to connect with organizations wanting to hire them. Quite a few top employers immediately expressed interest in the initiative and started listing job openings.

However, the success of the program ultimately came down to how job seekers would respond to these opportunities presented to them. The good news is that they did! In May 2016, we received a stack of resumes from The Spectrum Careers and were able to recruit two individuals on the spectrum for a major pharmaceutical client.

Rangam urges job coaches and career consultants to check out the highly specialized jobs on the website and let us know if you have candidates or clients with matching skills. Please join us in making a difference in the lives of autistic individuals with meaningful employment and the independence it brings.