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April 2020

Hetal Parikh, President

Message from President & CEO

With the world experiencing an unprecedented crisis brought on by COVID-19, it is more critical than ever to work with agility and empathy in order to take care of ourselves and each other. We are continuously learning to adapt to a developing situation in real time. We are operating amid unique circumstances with rapidly changing information and decisions. I believe that a greater good will come out of all this. When it does, we will emerge stronger, more resilient, and more united than we have ever been.

Every crisis is a catalyst for change that helps people come together and know each other better. Since we started working from home, I have experienced better bonding and communication across our teams and our clients. It has become a norm for employees to bring their kids into a video call. It is now an acceptable practice to have a family member around on a regular workday. It is interesting that we are gradually moving towards a new world order of work where technology will be playing a key role in bringing people closer to each other.

Nish Parikh, CEO

Rangam Cares for COVID-19: Free Health Check-Up

The extended spell of the coronavirus outbreak has started jeopardizing the health of patients with other medical conditions. One of our team members in India has shared the inspiring story of how her father, who is a doctor, is offering free health check-up and medicines to patients whose regular income has been affected by the current situation.

Rangam Cares for COVID-19: You’ll Never Walk Alone

The lockdown in India has had some adverse impact on migrant labors. With no job, money or transportation, a section of this population has started walking hundreds of miles back home in order to be with their family. One of our team members and her relatives are distributing food and water among these labors. They are also making the workers aware of the precautions to be taken while on the roads.

Daily Dose of Optimism

Despite all the negative news surrounding COVID-19, inspiring stories of resilience, hope, solidarity and humanity are emerging from every part of the world. We would like you to send your stories, photos or videos to with Daily Dose of Optimism in the subject line.

Rangam Cares for COVID-19: On the Frontline in India

On March 24th, the Prime Minister of India declared a nationwide lockdown to reduce the spread of the virus among a population of over 1.3 billion people. Since then, one of our team members in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is spending his weekend working with a small group of local volunteers to cook food for the police on duty as well as for daily wage earners across the city.

Rangam Cares for COVID-19: Donation to Feeding America

One of our Business Development Managers has donated money to Feeding America. Her donation would provide a day’s supply of food for 500 people.


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