Rangam & Corporate Social Responsibility

As a corporation serving Fortune 500 clients, it is Rangam’s social responsibility that we work with the local community. Rangam has picked up the area of education and healthcare – two of the most challenging areas for the US government to deal with. In order to serve the community and society at large, we have established a division called Rangam Cares that will be working in collaboration with the Parikh Foundation that will be working with educational and healthcare bodies to meet their social goals.

Rangam Cares will be developing apps and web portals to work with regular children who will be using their imagination to serve special needs pupils not just in the US, but also in other parts of the world.

Parikh Foundation will be working with local schools in New Jersey and New York and get high school students involved with our initiatives in the area of autism and special needs education.


Fundraising & Awareness Events

Being a step ahead is always better than trailing. With one in every 50 infants in the country being diagnosed with autism each year, one of our prime objectives is to raise social awareness about the challenges America is currently facing.

As things stand now, raising awareness has to be supplemented by fundraising initiatives. Our subsidiary WebTeam Corporation is in the process of developing a new app series called iLearnNEarn2, which will be curriculum based as well as structured, helping parents and teachers set up personalized goals for each child. Since April 2013, WebTeam has been pledging support from the autism community to donate for the cause.
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Partnership with Educational Institutes

Currently WebTeam is in talks with some leading organizations and experts where Parikh Foundation will be taking the initiative and develop some innovative app-based programs for the classroom. ECLC of New Jersey is working together with WebTeam to develop a scheduling app for autism. It is only the beginning of what promises to be a long-term partnership based on a common goal.


Kids Helping Kids

Childhood is probably the only time when imagination has a limitless scope to create and recreate. Parikh Foundation, together with Rangam, will work with high school students in New York-New Jersey area in order to develop innovative app-based programs for special needs education. The beauty of the approach is that it will use kids’ imagination to help kids, with guidance and support provided by experts from the autism community in the US and abroad.



The year 2012 ended on a promising note as far as employment in the US was concerned. The rate of unemployment dropped considerably as temporary staffing jobs expanded countrywide giving consultants an opportunity to add to the number of projects. As a small business serving limited number of clients, Rangam has started the year well, adding clients from banking, pharmaceutical and energy sectors. Since January 2013, Rangam has seen a major increase in the number of requisitions from its clients.

The US staffing industry has witnessed a significant boost in peer networking and collaborative ventures in the 1st quarter of 2013. The month of April saw a 7.4% rise in temporary staffing from the same time the previous year. According to BLS data, 59,400 new positions were created between March and April 2013.

Some of our clients are adding us in new categories, based on our performance over the 1st quarter of 2013. Rangam has seen a major increase in the number of requisitions from our clients. On an average, Rangam has been managing 250+ requisitions every day, and making over 50+ quality submissions to its clients.

Rangam’s Applicant Tracking Solution system has helped the organization collect and analyze data to bring more efficiency in the recruitment life cycle for better results.
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Rangam Career Center

Mobility in Job Search

Rangam Career Center (RCC) is helping candidates find jobs using mobile apps. The beauty of RCC is that it not only helps job seekers find the right job, but also saves a lot of back and forth telephonic communication between recruiters and candidates. In a way, using a state-of-the-art app for job search is time efficient.

RCC is connected with HRTeamPlus© database, which provides essential information to our recruiting staff. Now our candidates are not just able to talk to the recruiters over phone, but can also establish electronic communication anytime.

Rangam Mentoring YMEN Conference 2013


As a growing business and one of the most prolific temp staffing units in the country, Rangam took part in the 2013 YMEN Student Conference at Rutgers University, Newark. CEO Nish Parikh interacted with 400 male high school students to discuss career opportunities in the field of technology. A major highlight of the workshop was the way Parikh and his company representatives delivered keynote sessions discussing the current and future prospects of the staffing industry in the United States. In his presentation before an attentive audience, Parikh emphasized the indisputable value of implementing best industry practices to bring better results in search and placement staffing. He also emphasized the enormously important role of the youth in the research and development of future technologies.


Power of One | Back in 1995, Rangam had only one employee who is currently the Vice President of the company.

Fast & Furious | April 2013 saw a recruiter from the Verizon Team making 23 submissions in 3 hours.

Numbers Speak | In the same month, Rangam received 411 requirements, made 940 submissions and received 43 offers.

Fresh Air | A junior recruiter from the Talon Team made 8 submissions and secured 1 interview in his first week with Rangam.


Interested in receiving text notifications for jobs? Coming soon!

Monster Integration with HRTeamPlus©

With an exponential growth of the job market, current and prospective employees are constantly on the lookout for advanced ways to streamline their candidate search. We have also taken small yet decisive steps to tap the voluminous resources available on the Internet.

The Integrated Resume Search (IRS) is a public web service available on Monster, allowing recruiters to use their software to directly look up the Monster database to search for and retrieve resumes. Best of all, the shortlisted resumes may be saved directly into specific folders on HRTeamPlus© (HRTP). Also, the interface can be configured to search both Monster and HRTP. Consultants can monitor performance and value by tracking source of the resumes.



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Rangam to Groom Future Entrepreneurs

Rangam’s activities do not just pivot on technology. The company places as much value on tapping the immense potential of human resources as it does on developing new technologies and upgrading the old ones. RCI, together with The Think Cloud and recently retired VP and Chief Scientist of InterDigital Communications, LLC.

Brian Kiernan, has taken an initiative to sponsor a group of students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), as part of the Interdisciplinary Design Studio (IDS) program that is tailored to develop entrepreneurial qualities in undergrads.

Rangam’s decision to sponsor NJIT students has been inspired by the company’s far-eyed vision to effectively nurture and tutor the talented youth of America so they can contribute to the growth and advancement of US jobs and economy at large by inventing new technologies and then exploring markets that would justify the invented technologies.
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