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Issue 7
Thanksgiving Day

STAFFING bulletin


2015 Q4


Stepping Up Employment Support through Hydroponic Farming in Princeton, NJ

Parikh Foundation, Rangam’s corporate social responsibility division, is in process of setting up hydroponic greenhouses to help individuals on the spectrum with self-sustaining jobs. The initiative is being supported by Arthur & Friends, one of New Jersey’s top agribusiness destinations for the disabled.

The greenhouses will not only create employment opportunities for New Jersey’s autism community but also supply healthy, naturally grown produces to the greater Princeton area. The all-weather farming model will reduce carbon footprint and in doing so, will promote eco-friendly business practices.

Supplier of the Year 2015

Being consistently good is a great way to get noticed. We’re glad to share with you that Rangam won an Award of Recognition from a top pharmaceutical company for being their premier supplier in 2015. This follows a Service Excellence Award from a multinational pharma company.

Collaboration with MSP Partners Globally

The international staffing industry is working on consolidating their vendors. Some of our managed service providers from the developing world are looking for ways to eliminate the complexities of working with and onboarding new suppliers.

Combining global presence with local expertise, we are now ready to contribute to the bottom line of our MSP partners overseas.


  • Stepping Up Employment Support through Hydroponic Farming in Princeton, NJ
  • Supplier of the Year 2015
  • Collaboration with MSP Partners Globally
  • Tapping into Temp Labor Pool
  • Roadmap 2013-2018


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Tapping into Temp Labor Pool

The Spectrum Careers (TSC), Rangam’s flagship project in partnership with Autism Speaks, is introducing opportunities for temporary work for the autism community. This could be a great chance for people on the autism spectrum to earn while not committing full-time. With TSC recently bringing in 1.7MM resumes through a partnership with Direct Employer for full-time contracts, it’s about time we got into the multi-billion dollar (and growing) temping sector. Rangam is in talks with several managed service providers to figure out how to connect autistic individuals to temp jobs. We’ve so far received an overwhelming response from many our partners, which proves that forward-thinking companies of corporate America are warming up to the idea of utilizing some of the unique skills that individuals on the spectrum bring to the table.

Roadmap 2013-2018

We’re on an expansion spree while continuing to deliver a wide range of best-in-class workforce solutions to an increasing number of multinational clients, the latest ones being from healthcare, information technology, and energy and utilities sectors. In October, we opened a branch in Lake Forest, IL to serve the Midwest better. We’ve also relocated our headquarters to a well-equipped office in Franklin Township, Somerset.