Innovation for Autism

In the first edition of Staffing Bulletin, we touched upon Rangam’s philosophy of giving back to the community by serving healthcare and education industries worldwide. On September 9 this year, WebTeam Corporation, Rangam’s subsidiary, launched iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation for special needs population of any age. WebTeam’s innovative initiative to convert Eden Autism Services’ curricula into a structured and highly customizable package of apps received commendations from the who’s who of NJ’s autism community.


In a stellar event at New Jersey State House, WebTeam CEO Nish Parikh unveiled iLearnNEarn2 – Infant and Toddler and iLearnNEarn2 – School and Adult Series. The event was attended

by the Honorable Speaker and members of the New Jersey General Assembly; New Jersey Commissioner of Human Services Jennifer Velez; New Jersey Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick; autism public policy expert Robert Titus, President and CEO of Eden Autism Services Dr. Thomas McCool; eminent psychologist Dr. Michael Lewis; and Dr. Atam Dhawan of New Jersey Institute of Technology.

You can find more information about the event here.


Latest ADDM study reveals that 1 in 98 schoolchildren in NJ is at risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder. The incidence rates are slightly lower in neighboring states of New York (1 in 132) and Delaware (1 in 119), whereas in Pennsylvania, 1 in 88 children is reportedly on the spectrum quite alarming in Minnesota (1 in 65), Maine (1 in 67), and Oregon (1 in 82).

As a jobseeker from any of the aforementioned states or from any other place in the United States, you can help families affected by autism by spreading the word about what WebTeam is doing to integrate technology with education. Your role is important in building not just mass awareness, but also in reaching out to those actually facing the extreme challenges of the neurological disorder. You can start with a quick look around your neighborhood to see if there are individuals in need of help.
You can write to us at or at, should you need to communicate directly with our Autism Outreach team.
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Somerset, NJ 08873
Ph # 908 704 8843

Service Excellence Award 2013

At an event held on September 25, Rangam was awarded the 2013 Service Excellence Award by a leading pharmaceutical company for working in their program managed by Kelly OCG. The recognition was made based on Rangam’s “exceptional performance and dedication”.

The award adds a special flavor to our long-term professional association with the pharmaceutical company and Kelly OCG. Given that there were 100+ suppliers competing for the prestigious award, it was indeed a matter of immense pride for us to actually make it to the list of top 5 performing vendors for our client. Notably, Rangam has been consistently featuring in this list for the last 3 years.

In addition to delivering skilled candidates who directly impacted the quality of business by reducing both recruitment life cycles and cost to company, Rangam also made the grade in terms of compliance with rules and regulations and maintaining an impressive success ratio.


Acquisition of New Clients

In an interesting turn of events last month, the US private sector experienced a real boom in job growth, creating a whopping 166,000 new jobs. Moreover, US employees are enjoying the highest level of job security in 5 years, as reported by Randstad USA. However, despite the favorable working conditions, about 36% workers might still quit their current jobs in the next 12 months, according to the Randstad survey.

Amidst all these developments, Rangam has good news for all jobseekers. In keeping with our vision to create more job opportunities, we are in talks with two new clients – one from the pharmaceutical industry and another from the management consulting industry.

Rangam & Sustainability


By the time this newsletter hits the shelves in mid-October, Rangam will already have participated in the 2013 Sustainability Summit organized by The New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.

The Summit – to be held at the Wall Street headquarters of BNY Mellon on October 9 – will induct Rangam as a sustainable, innovation-driven business involving both people and technology.


CareerBuilder Integration with HRTeamPlus©

In the previous edition, we highlighted an enhancement in HRTeamPlus©. This time around, we have integrated CareerBuilder with HRTeamPlus©, thereby increasing time-efficiency to streamline the entire life-cycle of the recruitment process. Given below are the highlights of the newly added feature:

  • CareerBuilder’s public web services provide numerous methods for client’s system (HRTP©) to interact with They include support for searching resumes, application retrieval, and pulling out job and account details.
  • The new feature is useful for building search.
  • Resumes can be searched proactively and instantly for the most suitable candidates and closest matches. Also, the feature helps in narrowing down the search to find the exact candidate.
  • There are various APIs that provide services for retrieving contents of a resume through the HRTP© interface.
  • Resumes can be saved for future hiring needs.

Brother & Sister Helping Individuals with Autism

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child, and that is especially true when it is applied to children with autism. – Dr. Thomas McCool, President and CEO, Eden Autism Services

Apparently, Nishali Parikh, 10th grader at Stuart Country Day School, and Nived Parikh, 9th grader at Princeton Day School, are two ordinary kids studying hard to cement a promising future for themselves. On a closer look, however, they are brothers and sisters taking time out of their busy school schedule to volunteer special needs education reforms that are now rolling along in the local autism community.

Working on the vision of dad Nish Parikh, CEO, WebTeam Corporation, the siblings have their roles well defined.

Nishali is giving voiceover to a majority of WebTeam’s autism apps, while Nived is adding personalities to S.H.A.N.E.S.H. characters that offer rewards and amusing animations to children playing the activities. Nived’s face is also visible in apps such as What’s the Expression.

The S.H.A.N.E.S.H. project kicked off in 2007 as a summer assignment. Led by Nishali and Nived, a few local schoolchildren from New Jersey started creating imaginary characters with unique skills and abilities. The purpose of the project was to have kids helping kids in building character through education and finding exciting new career opportunities.

The ensuing years saw Nishali and Nived take up voluntary works at Eden Autism Services, Easter Seals New York (ESNY), and Foothills Acres Rehabilitation in Hillsborough, NJ. To have a hands-on experience of working with children on the spectrum, they jointly attended a training camp – funded by Share and Care Foundation – in Connecticut.

What dreams do they have for our children?

Not every day you hear about children working together to help the special needs community, do you? But with 1 in 49 children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in the state of New Jersey, collaboration at any level can only improve the lives of those directly or indirectly battling the neurodevelopmental disorder. Nishali and Nived are looking for support from their fellow schoolmates, so they can set up a voluntary, not-for-profit group to extend a helping hand to individuals with special needs.



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