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We are nearing the end of 2012 amid a series of major developments – some promising and some not quite. Even though Superstorm Sandy stole the show in the beginning of November, it surely couldn’t knock the wind out of the buzz surrounding the Presidential Election that eventually saw Barack Obama retake office for another term and hopefully, for better results as far as employment, healthcare, and education are concerned. Speaking of employment and the United States has been facing fewer challenges now than it did when Obama first took over in 2009. From 9.8% in January 2011, the nationwide unemployment rate has dropped to 7.9% by October 2012, fueling hopes that the numbers will only get better.

Here, in the context of job growth, it would be wrong not to mention the role of the US staffing and recruiting industry in fostering a culture of hope and positivism in both public and private sector job markets. Since the great economic downturn in 2009, the US staffing and recruiting industry has created more job opportunities than any of its counterparts. However, the US staffing and recruitment organizations contribute to less than 2% of the total number of jobs in the country. Does it sound rather out of place with the rest of the data?

It does. And that’s exactly where we have to look forward to the dawning of 2013 when the staffing and recruitment industry will be at its peak. Rangam with its global presence in Canada, South America and the UK will be set to serve its international customers for their worldwide temporary staffing needs. Put differently, we are not just diversified in different areas of staffing, but different geographic locations also. And that has set us apart from the bandwagon, putting us in an elite league of top 5 performing vendors at all the Fortune 500 clients we serve.
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Rangam Cares Division

As a global expert in employment, Rangam is committed to helping the less fortunate in society. We believe that the creation of jobs paying a living wage (income that allows a person to pay basic living expenses) is the solution to chronic problems like poverty, crime, illiteracy and poor healthcare.

We have therefore created a division of our company called Rangam Cares to partner with the nonprofit Work for Peace to create living wage jobs around the world.

Together we are providing job placement, skills training and operating our International School to Work Program.

We need your help to increase global living wage employment. To make a contribution, or for more information, please click contact us at rangamcares@rangam.com.

Why Rangam?

As they say, Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, our present stature is embedded with a tale of 17 years of hard work, foresight and commitment. On one hand, we have the technology that drives businesses forward in today’s competitive marketplace. On the other hand, we have different dedicated staffing teams for different clients, allowing us to study the requirements to the core and then fill them. Put simply, the entire staffing process is based more on quality than on quantity, which makes us different from the rest.

Our well connected and experienced staffing team makes sure we commendably serve topnotch Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Verizon Telecommunication, New York City Department of Education, Exelon, Pfizer, BMW, Bank of New York Mellon and Becton & Dickinson. Now to serve these multinational giants with a fair amount of credibility and accountability, it’s simply not enough to have a talented bunch of people working with the latest technologies. It is equally important to have a solid and durable infrastructure that could withstand unforeseen and often disadvantageous developments in economy, politics or weather. Fortunately, we have it.
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A broader outlook

Primarily as a temporary staffing unit, are we just catering to a group of Fortune 500 companies without playing any significant role in the country’s economic stability and growth? The answer to this obvious question is not in affirmative. We are not just helping our clients fill their positions with highly skilled workforce, but also developing some innovative, patent-pending technology that can generate millions of dollars of revenue for a small business, ultimately leading to the creation of new jobs and more employment opportunities for the people of America. Our staff augmentation services sweep across three major industries.

1. Banking & Finance
2. Energy/Utilities, and
3. Life Sciences.
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Message Board

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The philosophy of Rangam has always been to step outside its comfort zone. At a time when it was most convenient to stick to the staffing business, Rangam was not afraid to chart new horizons by venturing into apps development to serve the special needs community in the United States and abroad.

By reinvesting money into autism care through Shanesh COLORS Academy, RCI, together with its sister concern WebTeam Corporation (WTC), has established itself as an organization dedicatedly serving healthcare and education industries worldwide. RCI and WTC have been busy developing innovative technologies utilizing mobile and web platforms to deliver affordable autism intervention to homes and schools. Since 2007, the two sister concerns have been working with industry leaders to develop a unique program that brings healthcare and education industries together.
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